Support for artists and galleries

The supreme truth of life is in art.

Marcel Proust

Schrader Art Support provides support for artists and galleries.
From (online) marketing & communications, sales, fairs, exhibitions, collection management, legal, logistics to financial.

For artists

For centuries, artists have used gallerists and business agents for commercial support. A logical collaboration.

Only in today’s age, this is no longer enough. For everyone, the complexity of doing business has increased dramatically. Not only (online) marketing & communications but also logistics, legal and financial.

We provide the support you need to move forward. Want to know more about what we can do for you? If so, please contact us.

We also represent the interests of artists

Schrader Art Support - Bertjan Schrader
Schrader Art Support - Galerie

For galleries

Gallerists face great challenges. Threats have emerged from many sides, one of the biggest being the Internet. It is almost impossible to do everything yourself anymore. Websites, web shops, social media, you name it. But regulations have also become more complex. Consider privacy laws and the WTTF.

Schrader Art Support provides support where it is needed. Contact us for a no-obligation appointment.

Our services in a nutshell

Marketing & Communications

Sales support


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New! Collection management, Relationship management and Gallery management software for Artists and Galleries

Collection Management

Easily manage your entire portfolio of artwork and enrich it with any information that may be needed.

Relationship Management

Comprehensive relationship management. Manage customers and other relationships. With invoicing, consignment and other tools.

Gallery management

Specially designed for galleries and artists. Everything you need to empower your success!
Available soon! With free basic version*

* in accordance with our terms and conditions.

The basis on which we work together varies, but always by mutual agreement, with respect for each other and taking into account each other's interests.